Enhance the Gamer's Experience with the Perfect Music

Wace Studio make ambiance music for your indie adventure game and can assist you to integrate it seamlessly

What we do ?


Our horror tracks evoke deep fear and tension, perfect for immersing players in horror games or dark levels


These melodies convey a blend of sadness and hope, ideal for those poignant moments when your story takes a somber turn


Our fantasy music brings a sense of peace and wonder, perfect for magical or medieval worlds, enhancing the enchanting and serene atmosphere


These epic and intense tracks build stress and excitement, making them perfect for boss fights or timed levels where adrenaline and urgency are key


Our mystery music inspires intrigue and curiosity, perfect for puzzle-solving scenarios or exploring strange, enigmatic areas in your game

Music is immersion

Background music has been proved to be an indispensable part in every successful video game. Music take place in the overall gaming experience, which creates the immersion and lets the gamer have a wonderful time.

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Music is memories

do you remember the music of your favorite game ?
I think yes, and you may sometime listen the soundtrack of these game just because they are great andit makes you feel a little bit the emotions you felt when you played it.

if you want your game to be immersive and make a greater impact on people who play it, you should think to add quality music to your game

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